WARSTEINER proudly presents: Wolf Dietrich ROSE at the ArtExpo New York 2003

Wolf Dietrich ROSE is very happy to participate at the ArtExpos´ silver
jubilee this year and would like to thank especially all the people from WARSTEINER BREWERY for their great support. And it´s true: Life´s too short to drink cheap beer...

What´s been described as "realistic surrealism" is in fact part of a global
visionary art tradition over the centuries.
Wolf Dietrich ROSE combines the technical mastery of Durer and Van Eyck with
the imagination and creative power of Hieronymous Bosch and Blake in a completely personal fantastic realism.
His painstaking painting technique limits the number of pieces he produces to about eight per year. In his artwork, Wolf Dietrich Rose creates spaces we visit during dreams and / or heightened states of consciousness. For him life´s an infinite creative play in which to participate, to create his own perfection and to share this presence with others is his substantial joy.
Since he started to paint at the age of nine, it was a long and sometimes painful way to develop his know unparalleled technique. But he never stopped moving, always driven by his unconventionally intense imagination. Viewing Roses works, his gift to us is to reveal the full spectrum of the vast visionary dimensions of the mind.